High voltage Outdoor Switchgears 110 – 330 kV

EK Systema is the exclusive distributor of number international companies experts in energy segment such as CG Power System and Coelme.

One of the key products of CG Power Systems is High voltage air insulated switchgear. Due to the best quality-price ratio and providing high quality after-sales service in Ukraine the equipment of CG production became widespread just for several years in the market.

Company CG Global is one of the lead manufacturers of SF6 circuit breakers in the world. Since 1983 more than 2900 SF6 circuit breakers have been installed in many countries of the world and in different climatic conditions. The operating range of SF6 circuit breakers by CG makes from 24 kV up to 756 kV.

The basic type of the presented equipment is SF6 circuit breaker type SFM with a spring drive for outdoor installation. Operation of SF6 circuit breakers of this line is based on a actuation of the drive mechanism by means of springs, which are charged by means of an electric motor, or  if necessary, manually. SF6 circuit breakers constructed on given type of a drive are capable to carry out any possible functions of current interruption in various electrical systems and justifiably are considered as one of the most reliable. In arc-extinguishing chambers of circuit breakers it is used self-compression method of arc blowout what provides high operational reliability and stability of operation of electric lines and power supply systems.


  • Meets requirements of IEC 721-2-1 for (T) temperature range up to -45°С;
    • Simply and compact design;
    • Installing high of circuit breaker can be execute according to the customer’s specification;
    • Reliable construction of arc-extinguishing chamber;
    • Ease installation;

            Tests performed by world leaders CESI (Italy), KEMA (Holland)

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