Devices for Automation Protection Relays

ZIV Grid Automation, S.L. (CG Group Company) is a corporation engaged development and manufacture of the digital equipment and systems in areas of relay protection and automatics.

We offer a number of products from Automation Protection Relay product line, such as conventional solution, like an industrial relays, up to the most up-to-date equipment with microprocessor devices of protection and control.

Our devices provide precise measurements, functional flexibility and processor capacity, sufficient for means APR. Our equipment operate with various types of interfaces, including conform to standard IEC 61850 which reflects recent advances in the field of construction of complex systems. It is necessary to note, that ZIV - the participant of development of standard IEC 61850 from the very beginning of its development.

Records of oscillograms are made in format COMTRADE 99.

Communication ports: RS-232, USB, Optical fiber, Ethernet (RJ-45), RS-485.

Communication protocols: MODBUS, DNP 3.0, PROCOME, CAN и CAN MULTIMASTER, IEC 61850.


- full product line of equipment for protection of distribution and transmission lines (rated voltage 6 – 750 kV);

- warranty term 10 years;

- equipment customized to end users requirements;

- precise measuring units comply to the strongest requirements;

- powerful programmable computing module;

- accordance to standard IEC 61850;

- all equipment delivered to Ukraine, passes local certification


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