Middle voltage equipment 6 – 35 kV

 Outdoor vacuum circuit breakers, current and voltage transformers for rated voltage 35 kV are one of the key products of EK Systema. The company supply equipment of CG Power System designed specially for Ukrainian market.

CG Global Company is one of the leader manufacturers of vacuum circuit breakers in the World. With over 50 000 vacuum circuit breakers in operation globally, this time tested products is in service for over 3 decades. CG is the largest manufacturer of vacuum circuit breakers in India and the same has been accredited by renowned market research firms like Frost & Sullivan. The product specially designed for outdoor application with rated voltage of 10 to 40.5 kV. Over the years, the product has undergone a frequent design improvement that brings a sense of satisfaction over reliability & safety.


  • This all-weather product comes with adequate clearances and sufficient creepage to suit highly polluted environment.
  • The circuit breaker system inside the pole is completely isolated from the atmosphere to avoid ingress of moisture.
  • CG makes highly reliable vacuum interrupters and protection relays are used.
  • Highly reliable spring-spring mechanism.
  • Low operating noise level and requires very little maintenance with no special tools and techniques.
  • Suitable for auto reclosing duty with SCADA compatible control systems.
  • Fully type tested product at renowned testing laboratories like KEMA (Holland), KERI (Korea) and CPRI/ERDA (India).

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