Equipment for Wind power

In conditions of a constant prices grows on organic types of energy resources, it is more actual becomes a question on application of alternative energy sources.

In our country, along with solar power, widely develops wind power.

EK Systema, works closely with the full-scale supplier of electric equipment in sector of renewed energy sources – company CG Power Systems.

One of the most modern and suitable product of company CG Power Systems for wind power is compact modular substation WindSub.

Substation WindSub can be executed both with air, and with SF6 isolation, and allows to connect a number of wind turbine generators to electric network in the shortest timeframes.

Important component of such type substation is ultra-compact distributive transformer type SLIM and BIO-SLIM, own development by company CG Power System (Belgium).

The main advantages of compact substations WindSub:

  • short delivery times;
  • rapid installation times;
  • reduced installation costs due to minimal civil construction works;
  • optimized compact transformer design;

limited maintenance requirements

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