Gas Insulated Substation (GIS)

The division named CG Power Systems of CG Global Company produce GIS products with production capacity located in Hungary. In the past this plant named Ganz Transelektro.

History Ganz Transelektro totals over 130 years during which it remained the hi-tech company developing the advanced engineering solutions. In November 2006 CG Global with objective of the further strengthening the positions in sector of transmission and distribution of the electric power, has got the Hungarian company Ganz Transelektro, engaged manufacture of ultra-high voltage transformers, gas insulated switchgears (GIS) and rotating machines, have created on its base CG Power Systems Hungary. Now the company consists of three basic producing units: manufacture of high voltage switchgears, power transformers and rotating machines. The product line of production of high voltage switchgears includes gas insulated switchgears (GIS). GIS operate in a voltage range from 72,5 up to 330 kV with the rated current up to 4000 A and short-circuit currents 50 kA.

Years of work on creation of the equipment have allowed to make sure in conclusive advantages GIS operated on new substations, and new technical researches and development have made possible constant improvement of offered solutions.


 - small space required
 - easy and quick installation
 - high reliability
 - withstandability to influences of an environment and climate
 - maximal safety for personnel
 - minimal requirements to maintenance and long life time

All products GIS have been developed in the research and developmental centre located in Budapest. The optimal design of the equipment, allowing to meet requirements of appropriating standards of the International electrotechnical commission (IEC), is provided due to efforts of skilled engineers-developers and the powerful modern design and analytical software.

Calculations include the mechanical and electric analysis on a finite-element method (FEM), as well as - the analysis of gas streams in a design of the circuit breaker.
The design department, factory-manufacturer, assembly shop and test stations work under control of complex and very rigid quality control system, in conformity with standard ISO 9001. At the factory the system of protection of the environment, certificated under standard ISO14001 also is accepted. Regular checks and tests provide conformity of end production to requirements of the client and to specifications of the international standards.

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