Quality assurance. Certificates.

CG Power Systems is represented in Ukraine through its exclusive distributor - Electrical company "System". EC "systema" has started working with CG in the 2008. Company has already established itself in a number of major projects, ensuring the supply, installation and commissioning of high voltage equipment CG for a number of large clients. Over the years more than 250 units of high-voltage equipment were put into operation by the company's efforts.

Stradegy of CG Global and EC «Systemа» in Ukraine is based on next elements:

• developed a unique offer in price / quality for the entire range of products supplied;
• at the factory had been trained its own staff of engineers for the design, installation,commissioning;
• established service center to provide warranty and post-warranty service in the shortest possible time In Ukraine,.
• all products are certified in accordance with the requirements of GOST and DSTU.

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Аварийное открытие замков без повреждений в Киеве от компании Замок Сейф

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